Beer Delivery


* Miller Lite

* Allagash White

* Full Pint White Lightning

* New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

* Atwater Better Life Choices

* Yuengling Lager

Beer Delivery


How to Order

Please call the Wrap Shack Kitchen & Bar to place a catering order before 11AM or after 2PM. (215) 569-1666

Look over our regular menu to select wraps of your choice for your order! We are happy to work with any party and their specific needs!

Pick Up or Delivery?

Catering orders can be picked up at the Wrap Shack location or delivered to your door. There is no additional delivery fee…tips are appreciated!

Catering Menu Options

Wrap Platters

All wrap platters include a selected variety of our signature chicken, steak, and vegetarian wraps. For wrap preference we offer white, wheat, spinach, or tomato, as well as Keiser and/or hoagie rolls. If interested in including any of our seafood wraps, there will be an additional charge depending upon specific orders.

Small (Serving 10-12) ……. $90.00 (+tax)

*Including Seafood… $100.00 (+tax)

Medium (Serving 20-22) ……. $165 (+tax)

*Including Seafood… $185.00 (+tax)

Large (Serving 30-32) ……. $235 (+tax)

*Including Seafood… $260 (+tax)


Choose from any of our salad selections on our regular menu! Salads are

Small (Serving 10-12) ……. $30.00 (+tax)

Medium (Serving 20-22) ……. $50.00 (+tax)

Large (Serving 30-32) ……. $70.00 (+tax)

*Add shrimp to your salad for $20.00 per 10 people

Seasoned Chips & Black Bean Hummus

Have some crunch with your lunch! Our homemade black bean hummus and signature seasoned chips are a healthy and popular addition to any catering order.

Small (Serving 10-12) ……. $25.00 (+tax)

Medium (Serving 20-22) ……. $40.00 (+tax)

Large (Serving 30-32) ……. $50.00 (+tax)

Other Additions


20 oz soda bottles

2 L soda bottles

All catering orders will come freshly prepared and ready to eat accompanied with plastic utensils, paper plates, and napkins.

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